One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

Dragons angered scales of red

Chasing down his weakened prey

The mind of man with magic’s shield

Into battle goes this day


Fraught with peril the task at hand

Creating tales of legend grand

The giant beast above him soars

As man, his magic, does implore


With talloned feet and fiery breath

To meet his match the Dragon went

Onward to the mountain top

This conflict to resolve.


Dragon a crafty mind has he

Seeking mans vulnerabilities

He’ll prey upon mans meager size

His quarry he’ll taunt and terrorize


Mans intent is not to kill

But simply break this monsters will

And in his mind if he is wise

Sees a frightened lizard in disguise


Remember well here what you learn

For each in battle must take his turn

Victories don’t always go to the strongest, or the fastest foe

Battles won of magnitude are won because you’re wise and shrewd

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