One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

Stunning beauty,
Was her birthright,
lips of deep red wine,
Eyes dark, as moonless night
Her countenance divine…

A slender silhouette,
Who’s touch was velvet smooth,
A graceful site, for all to see,
Whenever she would move…

Her words well spoken, soft and clear,
The voice of nightingales’,
And pleasing to the ear,

Each soul that she encounters’, a smile they would receive,
A fleeting glance, or gentle brush, her hand upon their sleeve…

Within her wake left happiness,
Wherever she would go,
Thoughts of love and joyfulness,
Are seeds that she would sow,

Silently, she’d walks the streets,
Looking here and there,
Finding souls, that had no hope,
Or crippled by despair…

Each and every person, who would cross this woman’s path,
Would swear that god had touched them,
Their joy was given back….

If you see her smile at you,
She’ll ease away your pain,
She’s god’s unlikely angel,
She hasn’t got a name….

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