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FROM the TABLE 09-13

In Memory of Chris

Today some news I have heard has sadden me beyond words. But I feel I must address this issue it is all too common among us. A good man, a friend and an astounding teacher was lost to us this past week. The circumstances of his death are atrocious and unforgivable. Bullying to the highest degree.

We see this in our children and it is no wonder as I see now that it is the parents of them that teach such hate, such unforgiving of others differences in this life. I knew this man personally, he was a friend, he was my children’s teacher, and he was a wonderful and caring individual.

All those involved on this horrid tragedy should be ashamed and mortified at themselves for their hand in creating this unfortunate death. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!! I am outraged to hear while I have been out of town that my friend has died.

Chris was a teacher for a charter school in the Antelope Valley in California. Recently from my understanding he was fired from his position there. Not because he was inadequate, not because he was not a good teacher, and not because he could not preform his job duties. But because someone started a rumor that he was gay. Not only did this organization take his current job, they made sure he did not teach anywhere else in our valley. Whether or not Chris’ sexual orientation was heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual I do not know, however it should have made NO DIFFERENCE in his teaching ability. He was a wonderful, caring and loving person who wanted to make a difference in each child’s life he touched. He was dedicated to helping children find their passions and abilities and develop then fully He was passionate about helping them to broaden their views of this world and themselves.

Chris made it a point to interact with every child under his care in ways the most teachers today DO NOT, he really cared if they learned and what would happen to their futures if they did not. He was my daughter and my son’s teacher; he and I had a great rapport and talked often about my children and life in general. He had a great mind and capacity to see the larger picture and offer solid and unbiased advise to his students and to their parents. Chris was a wonderful Man and I for one am saddened and angered to see he has left us.

Chris took his life:

Teaching was his life, all he really cared about. When those around him took his passion away they indeed are responsible for taking his life. I hold them accountable for this most terrible crime. NO ONE has the right to belittle a person and bully them into suicide and depression. NO ONE!!!!

Our founding fathers came to this country for EQUALITY in ALL things for ALL people. We as a nation need to stop looking for reasons to hate one another and look instead for reasons to support, uplift, and bolster each other. We need to find common ground and see that being different is the best of all things, having a different opinion allows us to grow and see other sides to life and existence.

We need to find it in ourselves and teach it to our children to be accepting and forgiving, to be kind to all those we come into contact with. We have no way of knowing the life that has brought them to where we meet them. No way of knowing what great hardships or triumphs they may have had to that point.

So unless you have lived that the life of that other person you now meet do not judge them for what they believe, or how they choose to live their lives.

Of course I do meant to say you must agree with them, nor do you have to participate with them if you find you are not compatible. By all means go your own way, but DO NOT force others then to believe as you do, to act as you do, to think as you do and hold important what you do. If YOU DO NOT want that imposed upon you.

I will forever believe it is wrong to cause others harm for their personal beliefs and lifestyles that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the performance or their jobs. It is so wrong that this good man has succumbed to these bullies and has taken his life out of despair. I will miss his presence in this life, as will my children and all those who really took time to know him and found him a wonderful person. I can only hope he knows albeit too late, that there were those who would have helped and did believe in him.

So to Chris this is dedicated in his memory, God rest him in peace. MAY YOU ALL LEARN FROM THIS!!!!!!


ELAM, Christopher Scott

ELAM, Christopher Scott Christopher of Palmdale, Calif. passed away August 31, 2013 He was born in Daytona Beach, Fla. to Jerry Elam and Delores Dennis. Chris originally planned a career as a screenwriter but found his passion empowering underserved students in their goal of graduating high school. Chris devoted his life to teaching, where he fostered a love of learning in the lives of his students. He had a passion for film (Star Wars), books (Game of Thrones), traveling (to South Africa with his brother Brian), and his spoiled dogs Abby and Buddy. He is a beloved family member, and the most cherished friend. He is survived by his father Jerry Elam, brothers Alan and Brian Elam, sister-in-laws Sogol and Christie Elam, nieces Charlotte and Maria Elam along with his nephews Shawn Hollingsworth, Mason Mount, Xavier Rivera and Jorge Elam. He will be welcomed to Heaven by his mother Delores Dennis, grandmother Hazel Hanna, and sister Amy Hollingsworth. His warm heart, bear hugs, and laughter will be missed.

“From the Table” 01-10

Kindness and Generosity…

Today this post is deeply personal to me. I just arrived home from going to my Post Box to retrieve my mail for the last 10 days. I only go there three times a month as I really don’t get too much physical mail, most comes to me in the form of emails or other communications.

It is no secrete to my friends, at least those I consider close to me, That I have been having a difficult time of late in a few areas of my personal life. As we all do from time to time. I have shared this with those I trust and in some cases have asked for advice or just been able to unburden myself to a few of you that were willing to just listen with love and care and allow me to relieve a little stress. For ALL of you and all of those situations I am grateful and thankful for you, You ALL mean a great deal to me as friends.

However, Today I must give special attention to one such SECRET ANGEL in my life… I do not know who you are, BUT I do know YOU do… and this is for you…

It is not every day that I am surprised (in a good way) at human nature and the kindnesses and generosity that one can show to another. It is true, I try very hard to make sure that all those I come into contact with leave better off for having been in my company, it has just been a practice of mine for a great long time. I truly believe that a simple smile, saying hello to a stranger, getting a sandwich for a homeless person or doing small random acts of kindness will enrich my own life and those who are on the receiving end of such things.

Well Today I was the one who was on the receiving end of another’s unselfish kindness and generosity…. And I am overwhelmed with emotion for it. To say thank you to this unknown benefactor as I am attempting to do here in my own way is surely not going to deliver the message that my heart feels and the love and friendship that was offered to me. I am profoundly affected as what YOU (my secret Angel) have done for me was most needed and came at exactly the right time to afford me the help I was in need of this day. YOU (my benefactor) will likely never know just what you have done by your thoughtful and generous gift to me. I HUMBLY and with love Gratefully accept and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. What you have done will be remembered always and Passed on to others in similar fashion. Please know too that if I could thank you directly I would do so.

We ALL need to remember to continue to be generous of mind, body, spirit, and heart. To give freely of our time and any resources we may have available to us. YOU truly never know what you will get in return or what you may have done to improve someone else’s situation as this person has done for me. Try to remember at one time or another we will all be in need of something. And wouldn’t it be nice to know too, that it will be taken care of for us. Maybe by a SECERT ANGEL, or just an anonymous person who wanted to help. Be gracious in the receiving of such gifts; be grateful that there are those in this world that are willing to put others ahead of themselves.

Well until we meet again on conversation and discussion




Suppression and Censorship

Theresa Stuart

There is to my knowledge in this country (USA) at least, no one entity that has the right to Censor nor suppress our rights to free speech and the offering of Artwork.

I have seen many a post and rebuttal of late here on FaceBook of those who would try to take it upon themselves to be just that, the personal watchdog of Censorship and Suppression. Even some of the FaceBook administration seems to be on that bandwagon.

Herein is my opinion on this situation; WE (collectively those here on FaceBook) all each and every one of us has a wall and we like and we dislike an array of different things that are offered, based on our INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL taste. Within that wall, page or posting, we have the right to turn off that which does not suit us, that which we find offensive, and leave on and visible that which we like and wish to participate in. We have a choice, ALWAYS have a choice as to whet we want to see and read and what we do not.

Therefore, NO ONE has the right to decide for ME (us), NO ONE has the right to take away an offering from here that they may find offensive, or off color or not within the realm of the way they think, feel or live. It is MY choice and MY decision as to what I feel is right for ME!! Not some random entity or person deciding for me.

For many millennia, art has used the human form, both clothed and nude for its expression. For centuries those who chose to look at it DO and those who chose otherwise do that as well. Yes there may be some who find certain types of artful expression offensive, and we as individuals have the right NOT to be forced to participate in that which we individually find as such. HENSE the HIDE and DELETE and REMOVE buttons as well as the ability to not see postings from various pages and persons.

You as individuals need to LEARN to USE the TOOLS given to you for these very purposes!!!!! It is not advisable nor is it fair to make others conform to your way of thinking, any more that is it to force YOU to participate in theirs.

We all need to learn TOLERANCE, DISCERNMENT and RESPECT for other ways of thinking and acting, especially in the realms of creative expression. For which there are as many ways as there are people.

We are all at least I like to think we are; Educated, Modern, Open minded individuals. We need not participate in engendered, racial and religious judgments of others. Those of YOU who ARE acting in this manner, I put it to you this way YOU would NOT want the reverse to be happening to YOU!!!!!

We are still all free to voice our opinions; I am grateful for this right and will support anyone who avails himself of it. Regardless of whether I personally agree with what they have to say or not. WE cannot go back to the dark ages, we cannot CENSOR and SUPRESS opinions, art or any such things. It is simply wrong.

"Thoughts, From the Table"

Yes here we are it is that time of year again to ring out the old and in the new. While you are out partying and enjoying whatever celebrations you will be partaking in this year PLEASE BE SAFE and get home in one piece. 

This year for me has been quite a mix of trials and blessings. All in all it was good I have made many new friends, and lost some very dear ones, I have a few new relatives and lost a few as well. As we are all going through changes in the way we view life and its circumstances, may you always remember that all things happen for a particular reason even if that reason is not visible to you in this moment. 

May your new year bring you many blessings, joys, happiness and prosperity in abundance in all you do. May you come to view your losses as new beginnings and find the adventures that lay ahead for you to be filled with excitement, fun and surprises. REMEMBER: when god closes one door he always opens a window… 

In the coning New Year that all of us face there will I am sure be many new and interesting things happening to us as individuals, as well as to the world as a whole. I hope all of you choose to look for the good in everything around and you and offer kindness and love to all you come in contact with. You never know whom you may affect in a profound way with something as simple as a “hello” or a “smile”. Try to share all the good that comes your way with others, so they too will feel that the world is good and safe place for them and pass along more good will to those they in turn meet. 

Life is short, even if you manage to live for a century that is but an instant in the over all scheme of things. DO all the good you can, help all you are able, and see the good always in those around you. Try not to judge others as you have no idea where they have come from or what has led them to do or say the things that they may. Think of self less often and become others centered, this way of thinking will bring you more rewards than you can possibly know. Find the lessons in the trials so you will only have to live them once and then move forward. Find the joys in the sorrows and the blessings in your tears, for they are there all you have to do is look for them, and choose to see what is good from all that happens to you. 

In closing may I wish all of my friends and family both blood and not and those who read this a very wonderfilled, and loving New Year. May life provide to you all that you need and most of what you want. And may you find peace and contentment in the life that is yours. 

With great affection and care for all of you
Theresa @}>---

Holiday THOUGHTS- from the table…


“The Holidays”


This simple, small, two words phrase, can be the epitome of happiness or the depths of despair, By the perspective alone we chose the outcome of OUR holiday seasons for any one of us can find numerous examples of the choice we have made. If for one we decide that “The Holidays” are our best weeks of the year they will surely be that and we will see and find all the many reasons that it is so wonderful to us. BUT… on the other hand if we have chosen to see our holiday as the worst and saddest of occasions of the year then that is what we will see and further our minds will find all the examples for us to justify this choice. Either perspective is available to you at the same time this is all going on at once. But what will your mind chose to pick out, The love or the hate?


Will you chose to see the love and generosity of mankind or will you chose to see the ugliness and the condemnation of mankind?


So many people are talking about “THE SHIFT” yes it is here and yes it does exist and there are a vast amount of molecular and vibrational changes occurring now.  You can feel it if you chose to and you can tap into it if you chose to. You can believe and act upon anything you want to. That is the reality you will ultimately make for yourself, what you continually think of day in and day out. What you make as important in your mind will in fact find a way to manifest in your physical world.


You will then be living what you either loved or wanted to occur OR you will be living the life that you FEARED would happen to you. What ever thoughts you chose to make the prominent and the most important are the thoughts you will see take place in your life. To what degree this happens is totally up to you as well. You can chose to see the directions and make an effort to change it or is it is where you want it to be then continue to think and feel those particular patterns. 

Thoughts from the table…


My table today is not my customary kitchen office table, but a second story window on an Amtrak Train, Heading north to Sacramento, Ca. weather is chilly and the ride a bit bumpy but I am still able to put thought down here for all of us to ponder.

The reason for this trip is many fold and I sit here a bit haunted with memories of good friends and family members that I wish were closer to me and thus able to see them a bit more often, Especially now with the holidays and new year around the corner.

For some of us albeit most of us this is a joyous and happy time of year as it has always been for me as well. This year however, things in my life and that of close friends have changed somewhat causing this to be a more reflective and somber time. In a few cases finances cause the change and in others it is illness that has given this year a slightly different mood to the holidays. I can and do still see all the joys of the season and the wonderful times that are here for all of my friends and family members and for me personally. This is however the first time that things out of my control, have directly affected me as well as those close to me during the holiday season.

It has given me pause and a greater understanding as to why some just do not like nor do they want to participate in all the holiday hoopla and festivities that most of us take for granted during this time of the year.

I am guilty as are many others of trying to cajole, pester, guilt and blame others into participating in all that WE feel they should at this time of year. We tell them it is time to be happy and make merry, have fun and be of good cheer. And although I am and will be doing most of my usual activities of the season I am not sure my heart is in it as it usually is. Because of this and how I see things a bit differently, I am more able to understand those others that choose NOT to participate in and make merry of the season.

Upon thinking of that very thing, I must ask who are WE (collectively) to make others do what we see as the right and proper thing at any time of year and especially now. I think from now on I will be more compassionate and less apt to try to make someone JOLLY… and ask if there is anyway I can be of help that would allow them feel less burdened, with what ever is pressing on their minds during the holidays. I feel that this will give them the opportunity to open up voluntarily and maybe find a bit of friendship or joy in a time or place that is difficult for them, whatever the reason may be. This is the kinder and less annoying thing to do.

So my challenge to you this week and this season is NOT to JOLLY all your friends in to a merry holiday time, but be considerate of the many things that could be affecting them and ask if you can help. Be understanding of the fact that someone may not want to be JOLLY… and try not to force your happiness and merriment upon them. Simple things like acknowledging the fact that they have a different point of view or feelings at this time just might make all the difference to them in the world. You are then seeing them as they are and not trying to just make them into what you think they need to be. Be kind, be considerate, be thoughtful and take time to see others as people, not as actors playing a part in a season of merriment and festivities.

I do Wish all of you a very joyous and love filled holiday season and a most wonderful and prosperous New Year to come.

Hugs T <3

Thoughts from the table 



A little different today, a story and then my thoughts please ENJOY…


(STORY) author unknown


A little girl over heard her parents talking and went to her room, once there she pulled out a Jelly jar (the one she hid her money in, she poured it all out on her bed and counted carefully three time to make sure of the amount.

Then she carefully placed all the coins back into her jelly jar and replaced its cap, she slipped out he back door while her parents were still talking in the front of the house. And made her way to the local drug store, Walking in she saw the druggist was talking to someone and for a while waited patiently, After a while when he did not acknowledge her she scuffed her feet loudly on the floor, still he did not talk to her, then she cleared her throat as loudly and disgustingly as she could, still he did not turn to her, Finally she opened her jar and removed a coin and banged it loudly in the glass countertop… That did it…


Finally he turned to her and asked In a rather annoyed tone  “and what do you want, I am talking to my brother from Chicago whom I have not seen in ages…”


“Well, I want to talk to you about MY brother”, in the same annoyed tone. He’s very, very sick and I am here to buy a miracle!”


“I beg your pardon?” said the druggist


“His name is Andrew and he has something growing in his head, something bad, my daddy said only a miracle could save him now… SO I want to know how much a miracle cost?”


“I am sorry we do not sell miracles here, little girl, I am sorry but I cannot help you” said the druggist, he softened his tone a little.


“Listen I can pay for it, here and if this isn’t enough I will get more, So how much does it cost?”


At this point the druggist brother was listening intently, he was a well-dressed man, and stooped to the little girls height to speak to her. “What kind of a miracle does your brother need?” he asked…


“ I don’t know” Tess replied, as here eyes welled up with tears, “ “ I just know he’s really sick, my mommy says he needs a surgery that my daddy cannot pay for so I want to use my money”


The well-dressed man from Chicago looked at her and said, “How much do you have?”


“One dollar and eleven cents” Tess answered very softly. :and that is all the money I have, but if I need to I can get some more”


“Well what a coincidence”, Smiled the man “ A dollar and eleven cents is exactly the price of a miracle for brothers today” so he took her money in one hand her small hand in his other, “Take me to where you live, I want to talk to your brother and meet your parents, Lets see if I have the miracle you need”


This well dressed man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, A surgeon that specialized in Neuro surgery.  The operation was done free of charge and it was not long before Andrew was at home again doing well.


Miracles are not the suspension of natural laws but the operation of higher laws…. We are always put into contact with the right people at the right time and place BUT, we have to have the faith that this is so, in order to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear for the Miracles to happen.


You see we forget much as adults, if we do not ask for what we want and need, we are surely not going to get it… If we give up too soon, or walk away because we have not been heard, we will not succeed…. As children we do not have preconceived ideas as to what will or will not work, as children we are simply persistent till we get what it is we are asking for.


As adults we all need to remember this quality, this enthusiasm for what we want. We will never know who might over hear our need, who might pass it along or where OUR miracle will come from, but this I do know. If you do not act on what you need, ask for what you want, and seek all avenues of answers, you miracle might be lost, and never realized because of your lack of faith in yourself, and in others to do the right thing for the right reasons.


I wish you all a new year of many miracles, and much happiness, joy and abundance.








MONDAY- at the table 12-01

Sitting here at the kitchen table and looking out the window at the grayness of the day storm clouds everywhere. Finally it is winter. The cold dampness, leafless tress and shrubs abound. I am content to watch the ravens flying by some stopping to treat themselves to our dogs food and what might remain in the feeder morsels for the birds, most of which are in their nests keeping warm and dry. Cold blasts of air pass through the yard taking with it leaves from the ground along with the few lingering ones left on the trees. The sun now hidden away behind angry dark clouds of the coming storm, and my thoughts forming for yet another post to all of you. 

I love the wintertime with its chilly air and blustery days. It begs me to come out and play among the leaves and flurries… many may hide the winter days away in hibernation or contemplations of more suitable weather. Not I, it brings with it a time of renewal and anticipations of the coming spring. A welcome change of scenery and different perspectives of the yard and neighborhood I see daily. I enjoy the differences that nature brings us throughout the year. Each has it own unique features, activities, and definitions. 

The wind chimes are making tinkling sounds outside my windows. Telling me that the wind is picking up yet again. In the distance the coyotes howl at each other in codes I can’t decipher, no doubt telling one another of the coming storms and to head to safe shelter. Day will turn to dusk and night will be here before I know it. 

Shorter days, longer nights and more time for introspection, I am sure not always a welcome thing, to some who find themselves alone with their thoughts in the night. I am happy alone with me; I have much to occupy my time and thoughts. But there are some that feel even more alone, or worse still tormented in the night. We have been told since childhood that the night holds all magnitude of demons, witches, and monsters. None so hard to escape as the ones we impose on ourselves. As we allow the night to consume us, and the darkness to seep into out thoughts our very beings. In times of torment we need not fear the night but embrace it, nor need we fear being alone with ourselves. If we aspire to do what we are able to make our lives and those whom come in contact with as pleasant as possible we have done our best, and that is all that can be asked of us.

It is not prudent to dwell upon the ill that we may have said or done to someone in the past, or that they may have inflicted upon us, apologize and move on, So that particular torment can now be exorcised from the mind. What other ills befall us in the night in the cold and dark recesses of our own minds, which cause us unneeded pain and suffering? Lack of things, lack of love, lack of our own desires manifesting? 

What if one did not dwell on the past? Nor worry for a future time or event? And lived in this moment, this NOW, this instant? Where there is nothing wrong at all and only lived in each new moment that arose moving ever forward toward ones desires. You would always be in a state of becoming of doing content to move faster and farther toward all things you desire. There would be no regrets, no what if’s, no I wish I had, as you would be doing what was needed to reach the plateau you want to reside on. Knowing full well you will get there if you stay the course and keep moving forward. 

Such a simple thing to do (stay the course) and yet it is the the most difficult of things to continue to do when faced with the obstacles we ourselves create in our paths. The procrastinations, the needs of others, the should(s) that others impose on us. We need to remember that the goal is to help all, by first getting ourselves where we need to be to offer that help, we are of no good to anyone unless we are in a good place ourselves. We cannot hope to give away that which we do not posses. 

So to all of you laden with monsters in the night, I wish you a year filled with new insights, new perspectives, and a better map for the long roads ahead. Filled with awe and wonder, pleasant surprises and interesting new beginnings. As this year comes to a close, and you look back see all the good you have done not the ill, yes acknowledge the ill and ask forgiveness if necessary then move on. Do not linger in your past but revel in what is to come. 

And for today I bid you all Adieu.. Until again we meet in thought and in discussion.

MONDAY- thoughts from the table… 

11-26-12    LIFE

The existence of the soul encapsulated within the human body. What does one KNOW of life?

Is it in the flowers that show their beauty but for a season and then perish from sight till called fourth again from nature’s fragrant realms…. Or is it in the love of a partner that too comes for a season of the heart only to be gone from sight for a multitude of reasons… is LIFE the stars that shine in the heavens who’s timing we witness from far and wide and then vanishes leaving fireworks in the skies…. Is it found in the oceans filled with beauty and wonder to the eye, that we eat of and use for sport and trophy…can life be found in the grassy Knowles and forests filled with the heart of the earths animal kingdoms….

Wherein do we go to look for LIFE??? Because we are alive in this vessel we use so temporary of a time, does not mean we know of life…. I dare say most men do not know LIFE, they understand only existence…

So I ask again wherein do we go to seek the essence of life? Will we find it in the face of a child the trusting and wide-eyed curiosity therein? Will you learn of it from the old man who has existed for a century in his wisdom and his learned ways? Do we look to the heavens for life, to gods of old and new offering daily morsels of guidance through the interpretations of men?

One ponders such things in the darkness of night, when the world sleeps and yet the world is at its most alive to the mind…. Wherein will YOU find your life and the purpose it holds for you?

This journey will be fraught with unknown tasks and trials to over come and then do you know LIFE, Is it the living out of these things and of the moments they yield to us… and then if that is so, why do we not love the moments individually for the miracles they are... Or yet is it the culmination of all things, places, and events stored within our personal thoughts and knowledge, is life defined differently for each soul that has been brought to existence? Leaving no commonality for us to ponder? Sitting in the dark of night ones mind tends to wander to the absurd and to the sublime…. Have you the answer to my Query? Do YOU know LIFE????

TUESDAY- Thoughts from the table…

11-20-12    Make a difference

Theresa Stuart

Again I sit at my kitchen table to write, to expand my presence and be known. I wonder am I better known here now for the writings I offer to you? Or merely just one more of the vast entries into your news feed? Is there a method to my madness or just madness in my method? I ask of you out there reading this post.

I am but a writer/poetess doing that which I seem to have been put on this earth to do, write. To offer to you a bit of insight into the human condition, to offer of my experiences, my time and my knowledge, are you better off for having my presence in your day?

I have of late been thinking a great deal about the frailties and importance of human life. We take so much for granted in this technological age of instant everything. It is no wonder we expect to have instant relationships and make snap judgments about those we see and yet know nothing of. We make the biggest mistakes when we do not take the time or make the Effort to SEE and understand, that which is right in front of our faces.

We judge everything based on the smallest of knowledge from our own pool of experiences and never look beyond or ask if there might indeed be a better way, a better thought, a better direction, decision, relationship, friend Etc.… why are we so quick to decide what we SEE or feel or think is all there is? Life is all about perspectives.

And then we have our judgments, our prejudices and our opinions. What of those? Is ours the only view, the only answer to the question, the only way to accomplish the goal, the only path to be considered? Can we not take a moment to SEE if in fact there is another avenue to explore, to be open to other ideas or to other thoughts? What is it about the human mind that allows us or affords us the right to be so conceded; so arrogant as to believe WE (individually) are the end all, be all, of the day and to believe that our way is the only way to SEE things?

When your life finally comes to its end and it will one day, what will you be looking back on… your hatred of your neighbor, Your desire to have been RIGHT, Your belief that you had the only correct outlook on life? NO you will be wondering what is next where you will be headed. You will not want to see all you have done and learned come to a finality. You will mourn the things you did not do, did not say, the love you never allowed to be shown. Or the people that never knew how you truly felt about them.

Why do we always wait? Wait till it is too late or till we have lost the things we love and desire the most to learn to appreciate them? When will the human race learn that it is the moments, the fragments of our lives that are the important things? That is what makes up our lives the tiny fragments of time the daily things we do that make us who we are. My favorite quote goes something like this “it is not the number of breaths we take that makeup our lives, but he moments that take our breath away that do” and of you take that to heart and you live it and you realize just how truly miraculous each and every day, hour and moment is, you would not spend another minute in anger, regret or hatred. Time is just too short in the realms of the physical world to waste on such things.

Humans need to begin to look at these things differently, learn to appreciate all that is in front of them for the miracle it is. We are created from a single cell… into the many parts that become our bodies and our brains our thoughts and feelings our desires and dreams. Why do you not see this as miraculous? Can you make another of you? We do not even begin to understand the complexities of the human body and mind and its capabilities. And yet it has a great many frailties as well. Disease, of both the body and mind cause us to loose precious time here. We worry about how long we have, instead of work toward what we want and EXPECT to live long and free of illness. It is our own expectations that kill us; it is our own hatred and malicious thoughts that murder us. We create all that is with what we think and feel and act upon.

SO I ask you in this week of giving thanks. What can YOU do now to make life better not just for you but for all who come into your path, what one thing, one attitude, or thought, can you change to create more love, peace, calmness, in your life and the lives of those closest to you? Do you need to make amends with family or friends? Do you want to begin a new business? Create a new product? Or something as simple as changing you perspective of other people not judging by their look or the clothes or the religion or the color of the skin or the friends they may have or the place they live or the car they drive or job they do? If you can make one small shift in you thinking, a huge tidal wave of change can happen.

The analogy of a drop of water into a larger body of water is so over used no one pays any attention to it any more. BUT it is the simplest of truths. Those ripples are real, the affect you have on life you will never ever be able to fathom. Try it and I guarantee you will see a difference in the not only what happens to you and around you but in what doors open for you and what good comes to you. Things change rapidly for those willing to take chances and make changes in themselves. OK enough for today I know this is long but maybe it has offered you a bit of information or insight you did not have.

Enjoy the rest of your day. T

SUNDAY- Thoughts at the table…

Free Choice 11/18/2012

Theresa Stuart

Hidden within the mind a portal exists to the infinite. The journey and discovery of this enticing and enchanting door within, comes not from the external, for that is but the by-product of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It comes from desire, from the feeling of incompletion of self, searching for the reasons we are here in the first place. Looking for the age-old answer to WHY have we come and WHAT is our purpose on this earth. We have been given a clue through this need to understand our humanness our purpose.

So many seek it outside themselves, or from deep within the snare of addictions (Drugs, alcohol, sex, food … Etc.) the way to the portal is so simple it eludes many who seek it. For they cannot believe it to be so simple a task, as to look within to allow life to unfold before them and not force their perceived reality into being.

Reality; is relative and does not exist in concrete terms as many feel it does, there is no solid matter. We see what we choose to see, we hear what we choose to hear, and we most importantly feel what we choose to feel. IT IS ALWAYS A CHOICE. We are given a mind and an ego; we are given free choice to decide which to follow. What we will do with the time we are given here, And if we are productive or destructive with our actions, words and resources.

It is my earnest hope that more will come to understand these and other universal truths. To come to love the world and all it offers to us. To have respect for all possibilities, that exist, and for one another. To learn not to fear, that which is different, but to embrace it, to learn from the differences and rejoice in the similarities.

Enjoy your wonderful Sunday/Monday, as the case may be my friends

Theresa J


SUNDAY thoughts at the table… 11-04-12

As I sit here at my desk in my kitchen listening to the sounds (birds, leaves rustling, dogs barking lawn mowers mowing) and watching those around me doing what they do on this crisp fall morning. I realize sadly that most people are on a sort of autopilot.

They do the same things week after week in a robotic fashion. Looking neither to the left nor to the right of their task at hand or out of the narrow focus of the life they lead. They are all creatures of habit and schedule, not realizing the monotony of it all and loosing the essence of life in the process. The fundamental ability to be like a child in discovery of their world, to do new things and see things from different perspectives. To NOTICE that it is a new and completely different moment each moment. To find the pleasure in just being, just watching or doing the silliest of things, life is so very short in the realm of the physical world.

It is no wonder to me that most are tiresome of their work, jobs they do solely to earn money. Bored with life as a result of needless stresses, looking for the love they posses within themselves from other outside places. People: strange and wonderful creatures that have the ability to see, to do, to be and to create ANYTHNIG. It saddens me to see how many of us are in this horrible state. I want to yell at the top of my lungs WAKE UP! WAKE UP! You are missing so much of your life. You are missing so much happiness and joy.

You are missing finding what you can give to the world because you are always looking for what you can get from it. So for today, if only for today, would you find a joyful moment, find a peaceful spot reflect on what it is to live YOUR life, where you are, how you feel, what legacy are you leaving here to the next generations?

If you come back from this contemplation and find it lacking, I challenge you to CHANGE IT, to make better yourself and your world. Seek to see what you have to OFFER not what there is to be TAKEN away. IF you do this, this simple thing YOU will be happier, more fulfilled, and peaceful, than you though possible. YOU will find rewards come from life to you without your having to take them. You will find your purpose, your joy, and all the love you could possibly need. If only YOU will have the courage, the desire to BE YOU, the YOU that came here to create something wonderful. I’ll be watching, waiting to see who turns on their light and shines it brightly, I sure hope I see YOU there.

"I hope I have INSPIRED you"... to anything at all... T ♥

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