One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

I see you at my graveside, you loved me very much

Although I’m right beside you, my skin you cannot touch

Each week you come, you bring me flowers,

We sit, you talk with me for hours

Telling every detail, of the life we would have shared

If only I was with you now, and from death had been spared

I want to tell you not to cry, to move on with your life

In time the emptiness will fade, you’ll make a family, have a wife

I wish that I could comfort you, each time you come and go

To tell you just how much it means, the feelings that you show

I long to tell the world, that I’m happy in this place

I’m not in any pain and the scars have left no trace

But no one seems to hear me speak, and no one feels my touch

Each time I try to talk to you, the words just come out hushed

I know you think it’s just a breeze that passes by your ear

But if you listen carefully, it me that you would hear

I need to somehow let you know, I hear the things you say

But now its time to let me go, at my grave you cannot stay

I know sometime, with life you will move on

And in your heart a place ill have, I never will be gone

If I could see you just once more, I’d tell you I’m Ok

Go and take your life back, find a way to laugh and play

Death is not some cold dark place; it’s just somewhere new we go

Without our human bodies, we’re just spirit all aglow

Some day you too, will know what we are all made of

We are part of golden sunset rays, filled with peace and love.

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