One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

Music softly playing, Lights fade like stars at dawn

You bow before I curtsy, and all protocol is gone

My hand inside of yours, as you lead me to the floor

Two souls in perfect harmony, not knowing what’s in store


Words need not be spoken, when I’m locked in your embrace

My heart is beating wildly, as you move me with such grace

Your hand pressing firmly, at the hollow of my back

Pulls me ever closer, in one courageous act

                                                                    With each step that you choose for me, my passion swells within,

                                                                     And I now begin to wonder, if dancing, were a sin


I no longer hear the music, but feel your breath upon my neck

Its warmth is gently soothing; it’s rhythm soft and slow

Each cell of my body and my feelings all aglow

If I was but to turn by head, a fraction of an inch

Your lips would meet with mine, and begin a lover’s kiss


Holding tightly to each other, as we glide across the floor

Not showing other people, that this dance is something more

Again I feel your nearness, the heart beating in your chest

Your arms encase my body, in the gentlest caress


Then I hear the music, as the song comes to its close

What happens on the dance floor, just the two of us will know

You bow before I curtsy, as you lead me from the floor

Wanting you, to hold me in your arms, and dance with me,

Once more….

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