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Please familiarize yourself with out site RULES.

We have them for the protection of all our users and freinds of the site. Welcome to One Unique Womans Words. and I do hope you find your time here fun, Uncomplicated and Peaceful.

We are alwya opent to YOUR suggestions as well. 

Theresa (One UniqueWoman) Stuart


Q: I am new to this site how do I select a poem to read? 

A: First, welcome to my site. 

You can select a poem to read by moving the cursor over 'samples from my book' at the top of the site. 
Then click on a poem you wish to read OR by going to the main page and clicking on a title of a poem also you can click the "enter Site here" that leade directly to the poems page.

Q: I would like to join your site how do I do that? 

A: Glad you wish to become a member. 

To join you can simply go to the main page and click on "sign up" which is to the right of my image. 
This is also how you can share the site withyour preferred social media pages.

Q: How do I leave a comment on a poem? 

A: At the moment that is not possible, To leave a comment directly on a poem.

But, you can leave a comment if you liked a poem on the guestbook page. If you are a member then you can leave a comment in the comment section, OR by going to that particular members page and commenting there.

Q: How do I send a friend request to someone or send a message to that person ? 

A: To send a message to another member you can click on the "members" word at the top right of the site and then click on the person you wish to contact. You will then be sent to that persons profile where you can click on the "friend request" icon under their portrait. Same with sending a message to someone. 

Q: How do i complain about another member? 

A: Hopefully you will not have any complaints about any of the members on the site.  

However in the event that you do,  you can send a message to me by clicking on 'Contact at the top of the page. You can then send me a personal message about your complaint, I will look into the matter immideately to see what the situation is between you and the other member, Hopefully things can be resolved easily. If I find that iti s a case of abusive language or bullying those memebers involves will be given ONE warning only, if it continues they will will be removed from the site. NO abuse of ANY kind will be tollerated. 

Terms and conditions 

Posting Criteria 

Members can post either on the gues book, on their profiles in the coments sections, ot by requesting to be added to the authors and artists pages of the site.
You are not allow to post content that is unlawful, harmful, abusive, harassing, or harms minors in any way; impersonates any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; forges headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers "stalk" or otherwise harass another member.

User Names 

Can be anything you find you relate to that is not a duplicate of another user, however, Offensive, explicit, sexual, racial or other similar user names are not allowed. If you create an account with such a username your account may be deleted. ( I will ask once if youare willing to change the name o nthe account and do so for you)


This can be a huge problem for intelectual content and will not in any way be tollerates If you place a poem on the site and it is found not to be your own work then it will be removed until you eithergive credit to the origional owne, If the origional writer is not known then you must report it as such and Under NO circumstance will works tht are not yours be alloed to be represented as such. If it becimes a continued difficulty then your member ship can be terminated.

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