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As I sit here and contemplate your query, finding that I am attempting to be Novelist, Poet and Writer. Finding hardline distinctions between the three is and interesting prospect of the mind. I am a poet no doubt there, I am a writer of fiction and short stories, I am an article writer.

All are in there own way persuasive writing, all have creative interaction between the writers’ words and the reader impression albeit each one an individual experience.

My perception having been exposed to all three types of writing is this,

Poetry creative imagery aimed at eliciting specific emotions and images within the readers’ scope of thought and feeling through the use of word pictures Rhyme and rhythms with flow the specific pieces indicative of its individual nature.

Writing (fiction, nonfiction) includes story telling, plot, character development over a specified time and place. Aimed at drawing in the reader and capturing his attention creating a desire to see what comes next and how the story will be played out. Also attempting to create bonding and sympathetic understanding as well as identification with the characters and their experiences within the story. There is also to a degree an attempt to create emotion (love, hate, distain, pity, fear Etc.) towards characters.

Writing for the sake of expression of an idea or to persuade to purchase or take action in some way (purchase something, go to or have a particular experience) 

Copywriting is basically a persuasive writing exercise aimed at making the reader want to DO something to take action of some kind. Creating a desire to have a particular experience through the action you are intending the reader to take. Creating a desired experience for the reader and possible financial gain for the clients involved.

This is my understanding of WRITING in its various forms and styles that I have personally participated in. This is my opinion expressed. And this is what my intentions are within my own writing. I would now be interested to see what others here have to say and what other perspectives might apply to all writing.



A weekend away and what I learned.

There are many reasons to “get away” from it all. This past weekend was one of those times for me. I was not running away, not vacationing, and not on a business trip. I was embarking on an unfamiliar path, with unfamiliar people, but felt it was where I needed to be, So I went out of the comfort zone and into uncharted territory. Not really knowing what to expect or find.

I went away as one person and came back as another, went away alone and came back part of an amazing group. I made friends of people I had never met and deepened a friendship that began earlier this year.

I learned that there are many faces to friendships and may characteristics that make up people that have a common cause to work on. Life can be an intricate design of light and dark, of up and down and yet we all carry commonalities. Things that will bind us to each other forever, in one-way or another.

I learned that there is no one-way to view a certain group of people even if all your experiences up to now, have not been the best with that group. And that there will always be “The Good Ones” and when you meet them they brighten your day and open your heart. They are accepting and caring and not shallow or harsh and you can indeed find trust where there was none in the past.

I learned that not everything can be seen or touched, but that indeed everything can be felt and heard, even if no one is speaking.

I learned that it is ok to laugh and cry with others and being silly can be the best of times. That when you hug you’re not always In Love, but there is always Love in every hug.

I spent the weekend with some of the most amazing people on the planet, all of whom have open hearts and loving souls that embrace life and live it. I will treasure that time we had, and look forward to having many more in the coming months and years as out little group expands and grows, and adds others of like minds and vision.

Thank you all for being my friends and for listening and talking, sharing yourselves and your feelings both the good and the not so good. For trusting me with all of it and allowing me to be a part of your lives. I feel truly blessed and honored.



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