One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

O most noble of knights,

Tis not mine own desire that troubles me,

for to be sure I know my own heart, 

and the Passions that lie therein. 

But tis the desire of My champion, 

that is illusive to me.

T'would take but a moment, neigh a lifetime,

to share all that that burns within my heart.

But only to the Noblest, most deserving, 

of Champions, 

shall I allow privy to the passions

that smolder within my breast.

One true to his maiden fair, 

and sworn allegiance to her alone.... 

Her protector, lover and provider,

to him alone shall my virtues, passions, body,

and soul, be his to command............

Take heed my noble and fearless knight, 

such maidens as thine 

are few and far between upon this earth. 

A prize of magnitude and glory, 

hard won by any earthly soul.

What say thee now Sir Knight?

Wilt thou be my champion? wouldst thou save me

from my vile and wicked captors ? 

I long for such an allegiance as this.

Your maiden fair awaits you 

with baited breath and soft touch............ 

Dare you take on this


M’lady Bold are thee who dares to tempt this noblest of Knights

with your lips of wine, and skin as soft as downy fair,

whilst Admissions of a passion

wild as fire, beat within thy breast,

Your words do echo of lustful desire,

And yet...

A challenge thee doth make.

What Dragon could I sleigh, what quest could I partake

to win such a fair bounty as thee?

One who seeks Protector, provider, Lover.

And guard.

Whilst tis M’lady herself who sits

in judgment of the actions of thy benefactor.

Although I would’st surely prove worthy of this allegiance

within thine sight.

What would’st the lady offer 

in binding contract to her challenge,

should I prevail, accepted for thy champion??

“Ah kind sir,  I see thy fears as plain as day upon mine own face, 

Dost thou not trust a ladies word? 

Prove thyself worthy tis I who’ll, gladly give all the bounty promised thee”

For one to risk life and limb for the sake of a fair maid

tis the knight’s code that calls to me. 

Alas,  tis also her fair hair, full lips and ample bosom that calls,

and gives raise to my manhood.

Desire and passion for thee that gives sway to mine acceptance

of such a task.

A fair maid she is indeed, a beauty of body and soul combined.

I woudst rather die seeking her hand, than to perish merely glancing of her from afar.

A prize of magnitude she claims, As her boast is…

truly, no boast at all.

In truth I’d risk all I have to claim her as mine own.

I do not know from wince I struggle so

with these demons in the night,

for my mind is surely made up.

On the morrow her challenge accepted

off then to mine own doom, or my delight.

Tis nary a female, none but she

could have turned my mind and captured my heart thus.

Doom or delight, whichever fate has deemed be mine,

I'll surely lie down with a smile upon my face.

Having known a woman such as she,

took interest in this lowly knight.

Take heed all who feel love and lust for a woman

Making sure she proves worthy of thine deeds.

And should she prove so,

then to deaths door you’ll go

to fetch for her, her whims.

As I go now on the morrow…

Sweet visions of my lady fair

Dance upon my mind

As I slip to sleep and restful slumber …

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