One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse


 As I wake to the morning sun

Realizations of life begun

Darting in and out my head

Lying still within my bed

Get up, Get up!!!

The morning cries

But still to weary to open my eyes

Songs of larks in morning’s sun

Calling to join them, a new days begun

Beauty and wonder outside my door

Partaking mysteries of life once more

Streams of light from heaven above

Kind and nurturing, filled with love

Thoughts and memories of past events

The remnants of dreams that haunt me yet

Before I open my eyes to see

Behold a new day's come to me

Away I’ll put fears of the past

Creating space for love at last

Once again the morning dawns

My choice to make against the odds

My feet now gently reach the floor


On the past I close the door


Fully awake now the morning to see

Happiness and Harmony greeting me

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