One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse


Within his feeble grasp his mortal soul in view. 

Distracted by his other half a conversation did ensue.

“Doctor Jekyll”

“What is it Hyde, now is not your time?”

“I too sense your contemplation, the damning of our soul?”

“Yes, we share this soul, this body, yet we converse as if we are separate beings, Damn you Hyde, depart me now”

“You well know I do as I please, you no longer have the strength to contain me”

“And thus my contemplation of ending your murderous folly”

“Ah, but, would you, end yourself, Doctor?”

“Arghhhhhh, madness is come upon me ”


Grasping the mirror of vision, “dare I look”?

My wanton heart beats for her alone, 

Face of an angel, yet sultry allure of the devil incarnate. 

She holds my mind captive, my body stands at attention anticipating her touch. 

Oh how delicious the surrender, I’d offer my very soul for her embrace.

The mirror comes to life, like tentacles reaching, ethereal beauty pouring fourth.

Standing here I feel her, ever nuance and touch of her hands upon me,

I shudder, it is as if we are one. her very breath is upon my neck, Ah, sweet surrender,

my soul departs.

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