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We are always in charge, always able to choose. I choose here to give credit to others that may have come before me and to those who will come after me. 

I choose to celebrate the written and spoken word, to hold them in high esteem, 

For they are what create in you the good and glorious, the feelings and the actions you will take. Those who can paint the pictures with their words, They move you to the depths of dispaire or the heights of passion; It is to them this page is dedicated.... (Copyright 2012 TLS)

"The Impostor",  A Love Story is the first novel in a Suspenseful Romantic Saga about unexpected love and a woman’s fight for survival. It is a captivating story of growth, acceptance and having the perseverance to begin again. then Book two "Obsession and Sacrifice"  

“Alaska? Who goes to Alaska?” Nicole, a young single mother, escapes an abusive ex-boyfriend and leaves behind the broken dreams of becoming an artist. She travels to Alaska, a place she knows little about on a journey of self discovery, in search of a better life.
Nicole’s scared of getting hurt again, but Dylan’s chiseled body, chocolate brown eyes, and charm captivate her. She begins to fall in love. In Alaska, she discovers the power of friendship and true love and starts to let down her guard. But is her security a facade?
Soon Nicole’s innocent beauty taunts a sinister man, and she is caught in a web of deception and danger. Someone evil is stalking her. Someone she had trusted.

Will she be saved? Or will she be hunted? .

AVAILIBLE at the folloint locations; AMAZON (kindle)       BARNS and NOBLE (nook)  

PAPERBACK (amazon)

I encourage you to take time to visit a Alexandra Anthony's website or FB pages. Her books "Fated" , "Illusions" ,"Awakening" are well written and worth the time to read them.They are crafted in a new and unique way to bring her characters to life before your eyes. PLEASE CLICK IMAGE to see her work and view information or purchase these books 

You will also see Information on Alexandra's  Newest book, in this collection    ASCEND:  to be released SUMMER 2013 

Please take time to check out the many offerings of Ms. Jayde Scott, you will find her on FB. Her imaginative and spell binding series "Ancient Legends" will take you places you never dreamed exsisted. Her books are creative and will give you pause to thinks about the world you live in and what possibilities might be occuring before your eyes. PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE to read about her books or purchase them. 

"A job from Hell" "Beelezebub Girl" "VooDoo Kiss" "Dead and Beyond" "Forever and Beyond" and her newest addition the this series released Sept 30th 2012 "Shadow Blood"   I encourave you to read and enjoy them.

Shane has a style all his own in this genre of the king of Vampires..

He takes you through the creation of this monster with great and glorious insights into his own thinking, The hows and whys that brought him to the very crux of deaths door and how he is turned and becomes "Dracula" the Monster we have all come to fear. With his careful attention to details of the time period Shane demonstrates his superior knowledge and his keen sense of timing. The visual scenes that run through your mind are spectacular and no dimension is overlooked. You will feel as though you have become a part of the story, not just as a spectator but as participant.

Birth of the Monster is the beginning of a series you will not want to miss, nor will you be able to put it down once you begin it. congratulations Shane, you have a best seller in this series, I have no doubt.

Please CLICK the IMAGE to see purchase information

Book Two Part One in the (Dracula Chronicles Serries) By  Shane KP O'Neill

SPELLBINDING; filled with historic facts and romantic locations. Shane takes you down a path that only the evil one follows. A labrynth of deceits, muderous behaviors, budding relationships, and political treachery... YOU wont want to miss this exciting Second edition .


BOUND by BLOOD (Chronicle lll) is also available so you wont have to miss a single moment of the king of darkness in all his evil glory, along with his self made family of Vampires reaking havoc all across Europe and beyond. follow the story as it takes you through a serries of aliances that will leave your head spinning and your mind afraid of the dark once more... 

Please CLICK the IMAGE for purchase information ...

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