One Unique Woman's Words

Poetry, Prose, Rhyme and Verse

Across the continents divide, their hearts were fated to collide,

Each alone in solitude, till fate became aligned,

Her beauty and illusiveness, called to his tempered soul,

His feelings shared so openly, with walls removed, her heart unfolds,

Speaking without using words, while in her mind, his feelings heard,

His touch ignites her mortal soul; Her kiss brings warmth to empty cold,

Driven by intense desire, both consumed in passions fire,

Love immortal now a choice, her destiny in his hands,

Trusting as their worlds unite, facing trials on distant lands,

Mortal and immortal, bound by love and lust,

Walking in two worlds as one, each to the other they entrust,

His thoughts and gentle touch, implore her to his will,

Her emerald eyes and lustful soul, beckon to him still,

A lover of a thousand years, she cannot understand,

For in her eye she only sees, the beauty of the man,

Loving hearts with special gifts, together hand in hand,

Woe to those who try to part, two souls entwined as one,

He abides in blessed moon, and she within the sun.


This poem is a very special piece, inspired by and given to Alexandra Anthony author of the "Vampire Destiny Series" for her characters, 

"Josephine and Stephan" 

I want to thank her for allowing me to write this for her, and for featuring it in her newest and thrird book in her Series. 

be sure to read Book Two "Illusions"

Book Three "AWAKENINGS" released December 2012

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