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I am so honored to have been invited by TIFFANY CARMOUCHE author of


Which is out NOW 

As well as "OBSESSION and SACRAFICE” Due to released now, to participate in this BLOG HOP she is an accomplished writer.... You can find her books in the following locations, PLEASE purchase and read them I highly recommend her books. They will captivate you and you will fall in love with her characters.

AMAZON (kindle) BARNS and NOBLE(nook) In PAPERBACK at Amazon


When I am not writing Romance novels, you can find me sculpting, traveling, teaching, singing, dancing Salsa or Bachata or escaping in music.

I have traveled extensively. Sky diving in Alaska, riding camels in Africa, working with orphans in Argentina, eating ceviche in Ecuador, scuba diving in Hawaii, dancing in Madrid, and walking the cobblestone roads of Assisi, Italy, are a few of my adventures.

For many years, I put my passions on hold. I am now recommitted to savoring experiences both in the novels I write and in the life I live each day.

HERE are MY Questions and Answers for the HOP;

1) What is the working title of your next book?

I am currently in the final stages of releasing "One Unique Woman Words" a poetry book that is my personal work. Is NOW available in stores at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in paperback and digital formats.

2) Where did the idea for your book come from?

I have been writing poetry since I was on my early teens and enjoy the medium. It affords me a real creative and diverse outlet to shear thoughts and feelings. It has been a great way to discover the person I am and a wonderful way to continue to grow personally and professionally.

3) What Genres does your book fall under?

Poetry; Romance; Personal growth: Spiritual;

4) Excerpt of poems from "One Unique Womans Words"


In a brief moment.... like a wind from the Sahara.... She came... Left her markings.... And just as sudden.... she was gone!

Much like her... His visions shared, with words that drew pictures in the mind.... Here but for a moment in time.... Then off into the void of space... Till once again called forth, to share the wisdom he holds within his grasp...

I know not from whence he came, this solitary man... Who holds the words of love gently in his hands? Again she reappears to him like the whisper of a dove... Sultry and seductively she inclines her head toward his.... Gentle sir I've come because you call.... Am I to be the muse, for the words you write upon the wall?

Grasping pen in hand… Quietly he sits…. He waits for inspiration… for direction from his muse…. As he gazed upon her beauty…their minds became as one… Writing at a fevered pace, till the job at hand was done…

As he turned to thank her… For the time she’d spent and what the two had shared…. To his dismay and disappointment he found she wasn’t there… As he looked to where she sat, a single page he found…. In gentle scribe upon the note, he then did read aloud…

Now kind sir my time has done, you’ll need me here no more… for when you take your pen in hand… from your heart your words will pour…. Trust yourself you gentle soul…. You’ve no further need of me… For from your meager poets life… you’ll set the world free………..

5) What inspired you to write this book?

I have had many people tell me they have enjoyed my poetry over the years. Last year I was approached by an Editor as well as others that told me I should have them published, and well here we are a year later and the book is about to be released. It is an exciting time and one of great anticipation. 


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